What's the best toothbrush I should be using?

A toothbrush is an everyday essential but with so many variants on the market, how do you know what is best for you, your teeth and mouth? Our hygienist Agnes breaks this down for us:"With so many options available on the supermarket shelves, it's easy to get confused and overwhelmed, as many well-known dental brands compete amongst themselves...
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We're Lifting the 'Shades of Grey' on Teeth Whitening

If you've ever thought about teeth whitening then you've likely shut that door almost as quickly. It's an absolute minefield of conflicting information. Who should you trust? Do you buy a home kit? Should I see the dentist? How does it work? How much should it cost? How long will it take? How 'white' will my teeth be? Where do you start? There are ...
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Why book a second opinion at GGDS?

Why book a second opinion at GGDS?-Passion for natural beauty and confidence in science-25 years of experience-Biomimetic approach -Fully independent practice -Total commitment to patient care With 25 years of experience Dr Bianca Piscioneri understands that long-term results can only be achieved by combining a true passion for nature and an inhere...
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